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Calculator andanCalc PRO


andanCalc PRO. Simple desk calculator or Scientific/Algebraic/Fraction. Two calculators in one. Ideal for everyday, office, school, technical and scientific studies. It works like fx 82, fx 260 calculators.Choose what you prefer for each moment
STANDARD CALCULATORSimple calculator with the same functionality as a classical desk calculator- Square root- Memory- k feature- Percent Calculation: add, subtract, mark-up/mark-down, % of increase, % against.
- Square/cube/xth root -Memory- k feature- Parenthesis- Exponents- Pi- Percent Calculations: add, subtract, % against, % of increase, - Log, In, Inverse Log, Exponential
Fractions:- Fraction<>Decimal, Decimal<>Fraction- Improper Fraction<>Mixed Number- Simplification
Trigonometry:- Sin, Cos, Tan, & Inverse- Hyperbolic Functions- Converts between DEG, RAD, GRAD
Statistics:- Mean, Sum, Sum of squares, # Elements- Standard Deviation (sample or population)
Additional Math Functions - DMS<>DD Conversions- Polar<>Rectangular Conversions- nPr, cPr, x!- Random Number Generator- Scientific Notation
NOTE: Read the help for additional information
COMMON FEATURES- Back key- Portrait or landscape layout- Copy to clipboard feature- Dark or clear background available- Icon widget- MultiWindow for Samsung devices (where available)